Grape Shirt Transformation

Last summer, I went to my local thrift shop and found this cute cotton blouse. Although it did (and maybe still does) look a bit like a school uniform blouse, I fell in love with the pretty pastel hue. To make it look less like school uniform, I replaced the white buttons with some pearl ones in the same lilac colour and added some cute grape buttons onto the collar tips for some fun, quirky detail.

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Feeling Blue: DIY Hoodie

Hey everyone! It’s been a while! My last post was my yellow hoodie and I absolutely loved and wore it to death. Since it was, without a doubt, the best hoodie I own I obviously had to make another one. Again, I chose a colour that reminded me of summer, but this time a sky blue. This hoodie has also had a lot of wear, even travelling down to the snowy mountains near Christchurch! I’m kind of sad winter is over because that means I won’t be able to wear it for 6 months. Oh well, that means more summer sewing though!

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DIY Yellow Hoodie

Truthfully, I do love a good black sweater and jeans combo, but after wearing that day in day out, it gets boring, and makes me feel miserable, just like the weather. I really love the colour of this fabric; it’s like a tiny bit of summer came to visit and I’m not mad about it one bit.

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Practicing Embroidery

I’m honestly not sure if you could call this embroidery. It’s nothing fancy or elaborate; it’s just a (very messy) back stitch and an attempt at writing words. But, I have to say I am quite proud with how it turned out (it is legible)!

Although, it seems a bit narcissistic to write my own blog name on my sweater, don’t you think? Hahaha! Truth be told, I honestly didn’t know what else to write, and I knew if I did write something I wanted it to be purposeful.

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DIY Hair Straightener Bag

Is it sad to say that I’ve been storing my hair straightener in its box ever since I got it? That’s all well in itself, but that means that whenever I go travelling, I always end up wrapping it in clothes to protect it which honestly, is not the most glamorous or convenient solution.

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Velvet Wide-Leg Culottes

After making my bomber jacket, I realised I had a lot of fabric left over; intentionally of course, just in case I had made some mistakes in my project. Velvet is an extremely comfortable knit with a pretty texture, so I decided to make some wide-leg pants with the left over fabric. The aim for this project was to create some lounge-worthy, yet socially acceptable pants that are an alternative to the usual trousers or jeans I would wear to work.

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Velvet Snoopy Bomber Jacket

I’d like to say I have a significant reason for making this jacket, but honestly it’s just because I really wanted a bomber jacket.
I chose navy velvet for the outer fabric and a satin polyester for the lining (WHICH HAS SNOOPY ON IT!!!!) I really have nothing more to say other than that I REALLY love this and I am so happy with how it turned out. This jacket was so fun to make and it was honestly a bit challenging too, especially trying welt pockets for the first time, sewing an open zip, and sewing a lining in; but it was so worth it!

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