DIY Crochet Fingerless Gloves with Bows

These make wonderful gifts and I gave this pair to my friend for her birthday. She absolutely loved them!


I used a 5mm size hook. (I’m not sure what letter that is sorry)

Glove Instructions:

Step 1: Chain stitch as many as will go around your 4 fingers. For me it was 26.

Step 2: I like to use the half double crochet, because I think it gives the nicest look. So i slip stitched it and then chained 2 because that’s the turning chain amount for a half double crochet.

Step 3: Continue with half double crochets so, including the turning chain, I had 27 stitches. Continue this until you have 7 rows.

Step 4: Instead of creating an 8th row, chain 10 stitches (or enough to go around your thumb).

Step 5: Continue with half double crochets for two rows. Gradually decrease stitches around the thumb area so that it creates a curved shape to accommodate for your thumb. It will be getting a bit hard to see where to skip stitches to be careful! Stop when you have 22 stitches (or enough to fit snug around your wrist but still big enough to pull the glove on).

Step 6: Continue with the 22 stitches for 4 rows (or however long you want the wrist part to be). Finish.

Bow instructions.

Step 1: Chain stitch 8. Since it is double crochet again, you will need to do two more stitches for the turning chain. This will count as one stitch. continue in the third loop, and so you will end up with 8 stitches.

Step 2: Continue so you have 10 rows and finish.

Step 3: Chain stitch a very short chain and tie it around the centre of the rectangle you have made. This will give you the bow shape. Stitch the bows on to the wrists of the gloves.



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