DIY love heart Vans

My next DIY is customising shoes! Vans are pretty popular and so when I was given my little brother’s old ones when he grew out of them, I made it my aim to make them unique.

Vans shoes usually come in plain colours (mine are red) and have white laces, but I turned them into this!


I must say that I am quite proud of these, and though I haven’t worn them yet, I think that they will be loved!!

Each shoe has 5 hearts, one giant one and 4 small ones, which are made out of black felt fabric since it will not fray. I was trying to go for the look that the hearts flowed from the front of the shoe to the heel.

I changed the laces to black ones from my old school shoes which I had to throw away. #ingenuity

Then I hand sewed each heart onto the shoes which was quite easy since the shoes are canvas. If you can’t sew, I’m sure glue would work just as well.



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