DIY Hard-Cover Book Handbag

Hey everyone!!

My Gran gave me this bag that she had made while she was on holiday and told me how she’d made it. These are her instructions, using an old hardcover book.



  • Sewing machine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric (cotton)
  • Hard-cover book
  • Ribbon or string
  • Magnets (from craft store)

Step 1:

Remove the pages from the cover of the book.

Step 2:

Cut your fabric  in a large rectangle shape to match the width an height of your book cover as a lining, with some seam allowance along the edges. Cut another 2 pieces of fabric to match how wide you want the bag to open. (they should be shaped like triangles with the tops cut off)

Step 3:

Sew the pieces of fabric together like how you would sew the lining of a bag and hem the top. This will stop it from fraying.

Step 4:

Cut the ribbon into the lengths that you want for straps, and hot glue the ends to the edge of the cover of the book to make the straps for the bag.

Step 5:

Carefully line up the lining to the book cover and glue on. When you glue it on make sure that you fold the edges under so that they are hidden between the fabric and the book cover and do not fray.

Step 6:

I didn’t do this (because I don’t own a hot glue gun) but you can buy some magnets and glue them onto either side of the inside to make sure it stays shut. Or you could secure it shut with some more ribbon and a button. It’s up to you!



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