DIY Denim Shorts: Scalloped and Cuffed Edges

Since I only owned one pair of denim shorts, and the ones at the shop were either far too expensive ($40? No thank you) or showed half my butt, I decided to make my own. For these shorts, I used a pair of Levis I picked up from the thrift store for $8.

Because I am a number one scrimp, I used the legs to make my pencil case and book bag in another post.


  • Jeans
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric chalk/pencil
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape or ruler

How to…..

Step 1:

Put your jeans on and wear them how you would if they were shorts. Mark a line how short you want to cut them on one leg. Make sure to leave at least 5-7cm to fold up for the cuff.

Step 2:

Take off the jeans, and lay the flat on the floor and cut them at the line. If you are unsure, it won’t do any harm to cut a bit longer. fold the jeans in half and make sure they are symmetrical and cut the other leg to match the first one.


Step 3:

Lay them flat again and draw a line 3cm above the cut. This will be how deep the scallops will be. Get your ruler and measure how wide the leg is you want to cut scallops which will be approximately 4.5-5cm wide. Measure this width across so that all, the spaces are even. Find halfway between these points and from the edge of the fabric cut upwards on a curve until you get to one of the points and continue. When doing the sides do the same but only half the width so when you fold it out it will be the same width as the rest.


Step 4:

Zigzag stitch around the edge approximately 0.5cm. When you wash the jeans, the edge will fray slightly and give it texture.


Step 5:

Fold the edge of your shorts up to make them cuffed. Make sure they are the same height (this might take some trial and error).

Step 6:

Zigzag stitch again along the edge to hold it in place.





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