DIY Cylindrical Pencil Case

Today’s DIY is a cylindrical pencil case. I decided to make this because I have literally had the same pencil case for the past 5 years of school and it’s falling apart. Not even kidding. Since my pencil case was starting to look quite tired, I decided it needed retiring and I would make new one instead.

I used the left over legs from my from the jeans I used in my shorts DIY.


  • Fabric of your choice
  • Zip
  • Felt or anything you want to use to decorate it
  • Sewing machine and zipper foot
  • Over locker machine

Step 1:

Separate the leg of fabric along the inner seam and lay out flat. Cut it into a rectangle if it it has curved edges. Over lock around all 4 edges to prevent fraying.

Step 2:

Along one of the long edges, fold fabric under 1cm. Pin along zip.


Step 3:

Sew zip onto fabric using a zipper foot. Repeat with other side.


Step 4:

Cut 2 circles out of fabric. This is easiest if you fold your fabric in half, quarters and eighths until you get a pizza slice shape. Cut a curved line and when you unfold it, you will have a circle shape.

Step 5:

Over lock around the edge of the circles so that they do not fray. This is the point where you can stitch on designs. I cut squares of denim and zigzag stitched them onto the circles wrong side up for contrast. Then I cut some hearts out of green felt and zigzag stitched them on top of the squares. After putting my pencil case together, I pulled out all the extra threads on the outside of the square to make it frayed and give it texture.


Step 6:

For the strap, cut a strip of fabric and over lock all four edges. Then fold the long edges inwards to the mid point and then fold again in half. Top stitch along the opening edge.

Step 7:

Pin and stitch the circles to the opening on the side of the pencil case (right sides together) and insert the ends of the straps through the edges as well. As you can see, after I was putting the ends on, the circles were too big so I had to stitch them down and make them smaller.


Turn your pencil case inside out and voila!


– Emma



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