DIY Book bag/Laptop bag

Paper, paper, everywhere. But where to put it?

I have an insane amount of textbooks, workbooks, exercise books and notes to take to and from school everyday. Sometimes there are even too many to fit in my backpack, and I don’t like carrying them in my arms. To solve this problem, I have made this wonderful little book bag to carry whatever books and paper I have, without them getting lost or messed up.

I used some of the left over fabric from my summer shorts DIY.


  • Sewing machine (zipper foot too!!)
  • Over locker machine
  • A4 paper
  • Zip (mine was 50cm but you can use a shorter or longer one)
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Take both legs of fabric  and lay them next to each other. Place your piece of A4 paper on top of the legs and cut.


Step 2:

Separate the 2 legs of fabric along the inner seams. This should give you 2 “sheets” of fabric. Cut into 2 rectangles and over lock around all 4 edges of the pieces of fabric.

Step 3:

With the leftover fabric, cut 2 strips of fabric about 7cm wide and as long as the A4 piece of fabric laid out flat. I had to cut 2 pieces for each strip and piece them together since my fabric wasn’t long enough. Over lock around all the edges, and pin under 1cm and and sew along the zip. When getting to the end tuck the edge under as this will help for step 5.


Step 4:

Take the 2 large pieces of fabric and sew them onto the fabric attached to the zip. Top stitch along the seam to finish it off.


Step 5:

Fold the zip around the fabric on a right angle. Fold the fabric under to keep the edges tidy and sew with a zipper foot for all 4 corners.


Step 6:

Cut 2 wide strips of fabric and over lock around all sides. Fold all 4 edges underneath to keep it tidy. This will give you the straps. Because my fabric was not long enough to create a strap, I had to attach 2 pieces of fabric together for each strap.


Step 7:

Pin and sew the straps onto the bag. Make sure that they are symmetrical! I used a cross-in-a-box pattern for more security.


Step 8:

Sew up the sides and bottom, and you’re done!


– Emma


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