DIY Hi-Vis Neon Yellow bag/clutch

It’s 12am on Sunday morning and you’re supposed to be in bed sleeping, preparing for church in a few hours… but you are a rowdy young adult out on the town. Walking the streets at night is dangerous especially since you blend into the pavement in your little black dress. What better way to accessorise and stay seen than a Hi-Vis handbag? Blinding the dance floor under fluorescent lights and stopping cars when crossing the street. This bag is a must have.

After completing this bag, I really wanted to add a chain strap from the hardware store to add to the add to the construction worker aesthetic but it was very expensive 😦 maybe on my next pay day 🙂

Fabric Description:

I nicked this fabric from the scrap basket in the Fabric Technology classroom at school *sneaky laugh* 😛 I don’t really know how to describe it to be honest, it’s very unsual! It’s made up of two layers, the first being a vinyl/waterproof type (although it doesn’t seem to be waterproof) and the second being padding. The two are quilted together which gives the combination a poofy texture.


  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Outer fabric (the yellow fabric)
  • Lining fabric (white cotton)
  • Chain for the strap (Optional)
  • Washers or bolts (I’m not exactly sure what they’re called… but the metal rings I used to keep the clasp shut) or you could use a magnetic lock or buttons 🙂

Step 1:

Lay out the yellow fabric and cut and pin your white cotton to match the size. Sew right sides together and turn right side out. I had two large (ish) rectangles of the yellow fabric.


Step 2:

When you have your two pieces, they should be right side out. Sew up the hole you used to turn them right side out. Next place and pin them like in this picture. Lay one vertical and the other one horizontal across it (yellow sides together). Make sure the horizontal piece over laps the bottom of the vertical piece by about 3-5cm. Pin the horizontal short sides to the vertical long sides, then pin the overlapping side up onto the vertical short side. you should have the two corners sticking out in triangular shapes, pin these together.


Step 3:

Sew along all the edges and turn right side out. You now have your bag!!

Step 4:

Using the leftover white cotton, create a short strap about 8cm long and hand sew it in the lining of the top flap to create a loop. Make another short strap and thread the weights on it. Tie a knot on one end so they do not fall off and hand sew the other end of the strap on to the bottom pouch of the bag.


– Emma


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