DIY Block B logo Hat/Cap

I think it’s time to be honest and reveal my new favourite thing, KPOP.

Everything about it is so facinating and interesting! However what isn’t so great is the price of the merchandise. I’m sure all fangirls and fanboys can relate, whatever your fandom.

I was stalking the internet and I saw this awesome snapback cap with the Block B logo on it and I was obsessed! The only problem was that it costs $60 and there is no way on earth I was going to pay that much for it.

I looked in to getting the logo embroidered on a cap and that was even more expensive! So I decided to make it.

With an old cap I had, I simply appliqued some felt designs on it using a needle and thread. It already had a logo on it so I covered that up with a square of black felt to hide the previous design that was embroidered on. I would have tried to seam rip it off, but the cap had some very thick interfacing inside it which meant that if I took the original design off, there would be lots and lots of little holes visible from both sides. I cut out the Block B logo from white felt and simply stitched that onto the black square before stitching the black square on to the cap.

NOTE: This can be done with any cap for any design or logo you want, just bear mind, the bigger and more detailed your design, the more time and thread it will take to stitch it on. This specific one took me around 3 hours.

Done! How many fake MC’s out there?




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