Red Velvet Dumb Dumb Costume Part 2: Dress

So I managed to complete it! It was such an awesome time at Armageddon and I’m so happy with the results! What I didn’t manage to complete though, was uploading this haha. Here is the tutorial for the dress for my Red Velvet Dumb Dumb costume!!

For this I used red poplin. After I wore the dress, I washed it and unfortunately the red washed out and stained the while collar of the dress making it pink which I’m quite upset about but what can you do haha. Before you use your fabric I suggest you wash it first to get rid of any excess colour!

Click here for the link to Part 1: Apron


  • I used about 1.5m x 4m of red poplin
  • 50cm of white fabric
  • Three buttons
  • Measuring tape
  • 50cm long zip
  • A sewing machine
  • An over locker
  • A spool of thread to match the colour of your fabric
  • Lots and lots of pins again
  • Scissors
  • An iron and ironing board


Step 1

Let’s start with the top of the dress. For this I had to try twice. I had originally cut the bodice too small as I had tried to trace it from a dress I already owned and tried to add darts for the bust, but unfortunately that didn’t go to plan so I scratched that and started again. this time just making a simple bodice without any darts. I had cut off a large square section of the fabric for the skirt. Using what was left over I laid the failed bodice piece onto the fold and cut out a bodice again, this time much bigger, so that I could cut it smaller if I needed to later. On the back piece,I brought the waist in sharply so that it would fit the dimensions of my waist.

I folded the fabric twice, so that I was cutting through 4 laters of fabric, so that I had two front pieces, and the same for the back so that I had two back pieces. I then cut the back pieces straight down the centre so that the zip could be sewn into the back.


I then stitched the front and back pieces together along the shoulders and sides so that I ended up with two separate bodices(i.e two lots of the picture below). As you can see below, the back does not lay flat and is angled. This means that when I put the zip in the waist will come in and fit me better.


I then ironed the seams flat on both bodice pieces and after putting them wrong sides together, basted them along the neckline and down the back where the zip will go. (Basting shown in second picture below)



Step 2

For the sleeves, I simply traced a loose sleeve from a button-down shirt I already own and then an angular S shape as shown below. Before and after cutting the sleeve out, I laid my bodice arm hole alongside it to make sure that they matched up in size.


I then stitched and over locked the bottom of the sleeve closed and moved on to attaching it to the bodice.

Step 3

To attach the sleeves, I marked the top edge of the seam with a pin (pinned vertically) and aligned that with the shoulder seam on the dress. I then aligned the bottom two seams and pinned together, and then pinned the rest of the sleeve to the arm hole of the bodice, making sure that the fabric was evenly spaced throughout.



I then over locked the seam so that it was finished off neatly and wouldn’t fray.

Now let’s move onto the skirt and come back to the bodice later.

Step 4

For the skirt, I wanted it to be a circle skirt so I had to create 2 half circles. Cut off 3m of fabric and making it 1.5m x 1.15cm for each half of the skirt. For both pieces I started by folding it in half width ways. Then folded it diagonally to create a square shape. I then folded it into a pizza slice shape, pinned it, and cut the bottom. When cutting the waist, be VERY CAREFUL. You only need to cut the smallest triangle off the top to be your waist size. You can see below I only cut the tiniest bit off and that was already almost two times my waist size when folded out. It is always best to cut little bit by little bit.


I then sewed the sides together, ironed the seams flat, but didn’t need to over lock as the that was the salvaged edge.

Since the skirt was so big I gathered it in. First, I cut the back straight down the middle (making sure the side seams were aligned so that it was directly in the centre) to make room for the zip, and then using the longest stitch possible, sewed long the waist. then holding the top thread firmly, pulled the skirt across it like curtains, being careful not to snap the thread.


I then aligned it with the bodice, making sure all the gathers were even (didn’t line up the side seams) and then sewed the bodice and skirt together. ALWAYS pin before hand so you know what excess fabric you want to cut off before you sew.

Step 5

Onto the collar and sleeves.

For this I opened the bodice and laid it flat on a plain piece of paper. I then traced the shape of the neckline. I then drew the shape I wanted the collar to be and after cutting it out, pinned it to a piece of paper and made sure I had four of each piece. For my collar I created it out of two separate pieces because for me that was the most effective way to get the best shape.

I stitched them together so that I ended up with 4 pieces for my collar. I them pinned them right sides together and sewed along the curved edge.



I then snipped the curved edge so that when I turned it inside out, it would lay flat. After turning it inside out, I then top stitched along the edge so that it would lay flat. Note that the top and back are still left open.

img_2288img_2289img_2291To attach the collar, I pinned it on with the seam on the right side of the bodice. Because my collar is the same on both sides it didn’t matter which way was upwards, however if this is a factor for you, you will need to put the right side of the collar facing the wrong side of the dress. Pin, stitch and over lock along the top and flip the collar over so that it is not on the outside. Top stitch along the top.

I made sure that my two pieces of collar were overlapping in the centre slightly so that when I flipped it over, they would hide the stitching underneath.


Step 6

If you’re wondering why I used a brown zip, it’s because I was doing this last bit the night before Armageddon Expo and I had not time to go to the store and buy a red zip so I found the closest colour in my stash and went with that.

To insert the zip, I measured it along the back seam of the dress and the marked where the little metal stopper is. I then pinned the bottom of the skirt, along the seam together underneath the marked place and sewed it together.

Then I pinned the zip in place along one side, sewed it on using the zipper foot, and then went back along the other side.While I was doing this, I made sure that the sides overlapped over the zip to hide its colour.


Step 7


For the edging on the sleeves, I two rectangles of white fabric and used pretty much the same method as I did for the collar to create the white band on the edge of sleeve. I finished it with top stitching along the top.


Step 8

Last but not least I over locked the edge of the skirt for the hem, and sewed the buttons down the front.

Final Result:


Here’s the original photos for comparison.


I’m so proud of this!!!!

What do you think? Is it a good cosplay?

Here’s a photo from the day!

I’m wearing a tulle under-skirt borrowed from a friend, yellow knee high stockings which I’m so surprised I found, and some black sandals. My hair is currently lob length so I had to use TONS of bobby pins to keep my hair in a high ponytail and I wore a red ribbon in my hair too. If I were to dress up again, I would also try to do my makeup more accurately. 🙂14718740_1216339221737515_7256850640692394132_n



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