Velvet Wide-Leg Culottes

After making my bomber jacket, I realised I had a lot of fabric left over; intentionally of course, just in case I had made some mistakes in my project. Velvet is an extremely comfortable knit with a pretty texture, so I decided to make some wide-leg pants with the left over fabric. The aim for this project was to create some lounge-worthy, yet socially acceptable pants that are an alternative to the usual trousers or jeans I would wear to work.

I folded my velvet into quarters width-ways and laid some wide-leg summer batik pants I already own on top; making sure that the outside seam, the long straight edge of the pants lined up with the on the edge of the fabric folded twice. After considering how these batik pants hang on me, I altered the shape slightly and cut it out.


Once folded out, this is what the two legs of pants look like.

I then stitched down the curved edges on both sides. These will be the crotch seams.


I then aligned the two seams up at the centre, and they began to resemble what we commonly know to be pants. I then stitched the inner seam to create the pant legs.


For the waist band, I cut a strip of fabric, folded it in half, stitched the two short ends together, and folded it in half again to create a tube for my elastic. I then pinned this to the right side of the waistband of my pants and stitched it on, leaving a small gap to pass the elastic through.


After passing the elastic through, I sewed the two ends together using a box with a square in the centre to keep it secure; and then stitched up the hole. I found that the elastic liked to twist around inside the waistband, so to fix that problem I stretched the waistband, and sewed straight down the middle to hold it in place.


After trying on the pants, I marked the length with a pin and hemmed them up to just above the ankle.


One thing I regret about these pants is not putting any pockets in!!! Arrgh what was I thinking? Oh well. Aside from that, I really love them! So much so, that I decided to make another pair in black! (haha) They are so comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing! They are appropriate for work, yet have the comfort of pyjamas; and that’s all we really want from a piece of clothing right? 🙂




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