DIY Hair Straightener Bag

Is it sad to say that I’ve been storing my hair straightener in its box ever since I got it? That’s all well in itself, but that means that whenever I go travelling, I always end up wrapping it in clothes to protect it which honestly, is not the most glamorous or convenient solution.

I wanted my hair straightener bag to be padded to protect my hair straightener in my luggage, and heat proof so that I can put my hair straightener on top of it (not on the bench!) while I am doing my hair.

What better solution is there than to use an oven mitt?! The one I have used is $5 from K-Mart (a pretty good bargain if you ask me) 🙂


I started by placing my hair straightener on top of the oven mitt to get the right length, and then trimmed the ends off the oven mitt to make it square.


I then removed the bias binding from the entire oven mitt and the curved piece I had just cut off. In this process, I also removed the little loop as well as one of the black pockets on the end. I then trimmed and re-attached the bias binding.


To finish off the case, I folded the side without the pocket up; and sewed down the two sides. To fasten the case closed, I stitched on some velcro.


And this is the finished product! Turned out pretty good if you ask me! It will definitely make travelling a lot easier!




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