DIY Yellow Hoodie

Truthfully, I do love a good black sweater and jeans combo, but after wearing that day in day out, it gets boring, and makes me feel miserable, just like the weather. I really love the colour of this fabric; it’s like a tiny bit of summer came to visit and I’m not mad about it one bit.

On my last trip to the fabric store, I picked up this bright yellow blizzard polar fleece. Even though polar fleece isn’t the most luxurious or classy fabric out there, in the dead of winter all we want is something warm, comfortable and that washes easily, and this fulfills all those criteria!

To begin, I cut the bodice parts by folding the fabric in half and tracing a hoodie I already owned that fit the way I like. I then cut the sleeves, the hood and the pocket with the rest of the material.

Throughout the process, I kept trimming and altering the pattern pieces as I went to make sure that I got the best fit overall.


For the pocket, I hemmed the two sides in, and the sewed the pocket onto the front piece of the hoodie along the top and sides. I cut it extra large at first and trimmed it later.


I then attached the front and back pieces of the bodice together along the shoulders and side seams. After trying it on, I then cut the neckline to a better fit.

I then attached the sleeves on and hemmed them up to a comfortable length.


For the hood, I first attached the two halves together and then hemmed the edge (around the face).

I then attached the hood on and overlapped the front sections to give a nice finish.



To hem the bottom edge, I trimmed the excess off the pocket, stitched it closed first, and then hemmed it up.




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