Red Velvet Dumb Dumb Costume Part 2: Dress

So I managed to complete it! It was such an awesome time at Armageddon and I’m so happy with the results! What I didn’t manage to complete though, was uploading this haha. Here is the tutorial for the dress for my Red Velvet Dumb Dumb costume!!
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Red Velvet Dumb Dumb Costume Part 1: Apron

This year I have been given the most amazing opportunity to work at Armageddon Expo (New Zealand’s version of Comic Con). My company told me that I didn’t need to dress up, but I thought it would be a bit of a wasted opportunity if I didn’t.  I had so many ideas but they were either really cool cosplays and I wasn’t a fan enough, or I was a super fangirl and they were not every interesting cosplay ideas. Suddenly it occurred to me! What about Red Velvet? Every kpop fan knows their Dumb Dumb outfit!

It’s cute, it’s iconic and it’s not too complicated (I hope!…) 🙂

The only issue is that I have one week to make this, alongside assignments and studying for exams. Will I be able to pull it together in time? I don’t even know myself, I’ve only made part 1 still at this point! We will have to wait and see!

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Fashion Week: Floral Bag DIY

Back in the day, when my mum was clearing out her closet, she gave me the handbag pictured below. It screams 90’s and 00’s so badly, all you need left is a Von Dutch trucker cap and a brown 3/4 length a-line skirt. Honestly, in my opinion, it is so ugly and therefore I never ever used it. It looks so outdated and it doesn’t go with anything in my wardrobe, and I’m not even entirely sure what the design is meant to be? But I REALLY wanted to make it work and decided it would be the subject of my next DIY.

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DIY Block B logo Hat/Cap

I think it’s time to be honest and reveal my new favourite thing, KPOP.

Everything about it is so facinating and interesting! However what isn’t so great is the price of the merchandise. I’m sure all fangirls and fanboys can relate, whatever your fandom.

I was stalking the internet and I saw this awesome snapback cap with the Block B logo on it and I was obsessed! The only problem was that it costs $60 and there is no way on earth I was going to pay that much for it.

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DIY Hi-Vis Neon Yellow bag/clutch

It’s 12am on Sunday morning and you’re supposed to be in bed sleeping, preparing for church in a few hours… but you are a rowdy young adult out on the town. Walking the streets at night is dangerous especially since you blend into the pavement in your little black dress. What better way to accessorise and stay seen than a Hi-Vis handbag? Blinding the dance floor under fluorescent lights and stopping cars when crossing the street. This bag is a must have.

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DIY Book bag/Laptop bag

Paper, paper, everywhere. But where to put it?

I have an insane amount of textbooks, workbooks, exercise books and notes to take to and from school everyday. Sometimes there are even too many to fit in my backpack, and I don’t like carrying them in my arms. To solve this problem, I have made this wonderful little book bag to carry whatever books and paper I have, without them getting lost or messed up.

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DIY Cylindrical Pencil Case

Today’s DIY is a cylindrical pencil case. I decided to make this because I have literally had the same pencil case for the past 5 years of school and it’s falling apart. Not even kidding. Since my pencil case was starting to look quite tired, I decided it needed retiring and I would make new one instead.

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