DIY Fendi Bag Bug

I recently bought a new bag and it came with a fur pom pom attached. On all of my other bags I have little key rings of stuffed animals attached, reminiscent of the Fendi Bag Bug trend but using strange little animals from souvenir shops. Although the hype surrounding Fendi Bag Bugs has died down (a long time ago) I still really love the look and I love their uniqueness and character. (And obviously because they are just so darn cute!)

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DIY Hi-Vis Neon Yellow bag/clutch

It’s 12am on Sunday morning and you’re supposed to be in bed sleeping, preparing for church in a few hours… but you are a rowdy young adult out on the town. Walking the streets at night is dangerous especially since you blend into the pavementĀ in your little black dress. What better way to accessorise and stay seen than a Hi-Vis handbag? Blinding the dance floor under fluorescent lights and stopping cars when crossing the street. This bag is a must have.

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