Batik Wrap Dress Transformation

This is a batik dress that I got on my last trip to Malaysia about two years ago. They are sold in clothing stores and tourist shops and are usually worn as in-house clothing or pyjamas (as my relatives have modeled). I chose this one purely for the pattern but when I wore it, it just looked wrong!! The shape was bad and there was a hole at the back right above where my butt is! Because of this, I’ve hardly ever worn this dress and it’s just been sitting at the back of my wardrobe taking up valuable space. (If you know how many clothes I own you will understand how valuable this space is)

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Spring/Summer Scarf DIY

After chokers have made their comeback, it seems that scarves and bandanas are having a moment as well. For a while though, I’ve seen so many people wearing beautiful silk scarves on the streets of fashion week and for me the look just exudes classiness and beauty.

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DIY Hi-Vis Neon Yellow bag/clutch

It’s 12am on Sunday morning and you’re supposed to be in bed sleeping, preparing for church in a few hours… but you are a rowdy young adult out on the town. Walking the streets at night is dangerous especially since you blend into the pavement in your little black dress. What better way to accessorise and stay seen than a Hi-Vis handbag? Blinding the dance floor under fluorescent lights and stopping cars when crossing the street. This bag is a must have.

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