Velvet Wide-Leg Culottes

After making my bomber jacket, I realised I had a lot of fabric left over; intentionally of course, just in case I had made some mistakes in my project. Velvet is an extremely comfortable knit with a pretty texture, so I decided to make some wide-leg pants with the left over fabric. The aim for this project was to create some lounge-worthy, yet socially acceptable pants that are an alternative to the usual trousers or jeans I would wear to work.

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Velvet Snoopy Bomber Jacket

I’d like to say I have a significant reason for making this jacket, but honestly it’s just because I really wanted a bomber jacket.
I chose navy velvet for the outer fabric and a satin polyester for the lining (WHICH HAS SNOOPY ON IT!!!!) I really have nothing more to say other than that I REALLY love this and I am so happy with how it turned out. This jacket was so fun to make and it was honestly a bit challenging too, especially trying welt pockets for the first time, sewing an open zip, and sewing a lining in; but it was so worth it!

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